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iOS 16.2 beta is out now — here’s are new features for your iPhone

Apple recently release its latest version of iOS version 16.1, Now Apple has started actively working on the upcoming  iOS 16.2 beta 1, it is now available to enrolled developers around the world. Those who have registered and activated the beta profile can download and install this build right away. Here’s a list of everything new in iOS 16.2 beta 1.

iOS 16.2 : Apple Freeform app

It Maybe little new for you about Freeform, This is an app that Apple first previewed during its Worldwide Developer Conference in June. Apple touts Freeform as a brainstorming and collaboration tool, with the app serving as a kind of mobile whiteboard that people can work on together in real-time. It supports text, doodling, media and file insertion, etc. Obviously, it has bugs in iOS 16.2 beta 1, such as the inability to delete boards when offline. Though, you can expect the company to fix the major ones in following beta releases, before the update launches publicly later this year.

Freeform seems to be primarily geared toward the iPad, taking advantage of that device’s larger screen space. Indeed, Freeform also debuts on the iPadOS 16.2 Beta 1 release, which arrived at the same time as the iOS 16.2 update. However, Freeform is designed to work on multiple Apple devices, which is why it’s also included in both iOS 16.2 and the new macOS Ventura beta.

iOS 16.2:New Home App Architecture

iOS 16.2: Live Activities Changes

Live Activities also just appeared in iOS 16.1, but there will be some enhancements to the feature in iOS 16.2. As a reminder, Live Activities are alerts that appear on the lock screen (or around the Dynamic Island if you’ve got an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max) that give you ongoing updates for things like sports scores, delivery statuses and timers.

Apple 16.2 release notes

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