(WEP )Wifi Hacking

We recommend you please don’t try any testing on public network, Create your personal network and keep testing on that. Any activity on public network is an offensive & illegal.

Tools which we are going to use to do (WEP)Wifi Hacking are given below:

1. Create your personal network and keep the name in handy to use it further.You can also find out the name of the network using  ifconfig (it will work only for linux os) command.

 2. Enable monitor mode for the network using the tool airmon-ng.

airmon-ng start wlan0

It will create a virtual interface.

3. Start capturing the packets

   Now we will start capturing the packets using the airodump-ng. It will provide the data from all the packets. like – name of the Wifi to hack

airodump-ng mon0

Now we will store all the packets into one file to analyze them.Wait minimum 10000 data to fill into file.

airodump-ng mon0 –write name_of_file

Now we will the user the tool aircrack-ng to crack the password using the command 

aircrack-ng name_of_file-01.cap

If there are multiple wifi available then this tool will ask you which wifi need to hack. You can choose one of them, If password is weak  enough then it will show you the password and if its strong enough then you should try it again with more than 15000 packets.

This will not work with WPA/WPA2 security wifi networks.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial 🙂 🙂