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“Font Wasn’t Found” Google Chrome Malware Scam

It’s a Trap! Users are getting a message to download a missing font to read the blog by updating the Chrome font pack…Just Don’t Download and Install It. It’s a Trap! Hackers and Scammers are targeting Google Chrome users with this hacking scam that’s incredibly easy to fall for, it is asking all users to… Read More »

Server Hack Happened, vBulletin Asked to Resets Passwords

Last week vBulletin informed its users that all passwords had been reset after one of the vBulletin Germany servers was accessed by an unauthorized party. According to vBulletin developer Paul Marsden They have done All passwords reset because hackers breached the vBulletin Germany (VBG) server. They could have gained access to other vBulletin systems as… Read More »

U.S. Police Union Documents Leaked

Hundreds of documents stolen from Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) systems. According to the reports, an individual claimed to leak the documents and more information. Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is the largest police union in the United States, representing more than 325,000 sworn law enforcement officers organised in 2,100 local chapters. The hacker  who breached… Read More »

Critical Flaw Patched in Cisco Firewall Devices

Cisco patched a critical flaw reported by an anonymous researcher. They have released a firmware update for its RV220W wireless network security firewall, Using this vulnerability hacker can gain administrative previleage to the device. What was the vulnerability A remote unauthenticated attacker can send specially crafted HTTP requests containing malicious SQL statements to the device… Read More »

Zero Day Flaw Reported in Linux Kernel

Researcher reported a new critical zero-day vulnerability in Linux kernel that could allow attackers to gain root level privileges by running a malicious Android or Linux application on an affected device. According to the researchers named Perception Point, They have identified a critical flaw in Linux Kernel as CVE-2016-0728. This vulnerability is present in Linux kernel 3.8 and… Read More »

Zero Day Vulnerability – Password Bypass Flaw Found in GRUB2 Linux Bootloader

Researchers exploited Password bypass protection in GRUB2 Linux Bootloader using it attacker can compromise the targeted computer. Bootloaders are basically designed to allow users to select which operating system they want to boot when multiple OSs are installed. GNU GRUB (GRand Unified Bootloader) is a free and open source bootloader package developed by the GNU Project. It’s used by… Read More »

Critical Flaw Exposed in D-Link Switches – Researchers

Security researcher Varang Amin and Aditya Sood discovered a flaw in DGS-1210 Series Gigabit Smart Switches from D-Link. Using this vulnerability D-Link smart switches can be exploited by remote attackers to access logs and configuration files without any authentication credentials. According to the researchers this series of switches are being used to store backup files, Log files. These files are being… Read More »

Android Phone can be Hacked Using Chrome Vulnerability

Google is always working to secure its OS by security vulnerabilities, but day by day it is being difficult. Chinese researcher Guang Gong from Qihoo 360 demonstrated at MobilePwn2Own at the PacSec conference in Tokyo how an Android device running the latest version of the operating system can be hijacked by exploiting a JavaScript v8 vulnerability through the Chrome… Read More »

Critical Flaw in All Java App Servers

One of researcher team disclosed critical flaw, Remote Code Execution in Java based app servers. They also demonstrated how easy it would be for an attacker to exploit Java-based application servers and products which are using same library. Many software foundations (WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, Jenkins, OpenNMS) are using the Apache Commons Collections, They started providing patches… Read More »

Hacker Attack on vBulletin Website

Hacker attack happened on commonly used Forum and Community website vBulletin. Hackers tried to get access on the site due to this developers of the vBulletin forum software have taken down their official website, Reason behind this attack is still unknown. After the attack hackers posted message “Hacked by Coldzer0” on the applications’s home page.… Read More »