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Teen hacker Arrested For Hacking Nearly 4,000 Websites

South Korea based a teenage hacker has been arrested for defacing nearly 4,000 websites. All websites were hosted across 87 separate countries, he did it for a bid to prove his hacking skills to the Anonymous collective. According to Koreatimes The student, 16, whose identity was withheld, was charged with hacking a total of 3,847 websites… Read More »

DDoS Attack – Teen Hacker Shut Down 444 School Websites

Nowadays Hackers are using DDoS Attack as a main tool to shutdown websites. Japan based teenager is charged with obstruction of justice for having launched DDoS attacks on 444 school websites.Japan cyber police in Osaka filed charges against a 16-year-old on 11th May, who allegedly shut down the Osaka Board of Education’s servers, which control the websites… Read More »