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Hackers Demonstration for SQL Injection – In-Flight Entertainment System Can Hacked

Hackers demonstrate SQL injection vulnerability in a in-flight entertainment system. It is being used by the leading airlines, including Emirates, United, American Airlines, Virgin, and Qatar, could let hackers hijack several flight systems and even take control of the plane. Security researchers explained in IOActive, the security vulnerabilities resides in the Panasonic Avionics In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system used… Read More »

Critical Flaw Patched in Cisco Firewall Devices

Cisco patched a critical flaw reported by an anonymous researcher. They have released a firmware update for its RV220W wireless network security firewall, Using this vulnerability hacker can gain administrative previleage to the device. What was the vulnerability A remote unauthenticated attacker can send specially crafted HTTP requests containing malicious SQL statements to the device… Read More »

European Space Agency Hacked By Anonymous Hackers

Anonymous Hacker Group has just released the database of the European Space Agency. This group breached the subdomains of the European Space Agency website to leak the personal data and login information of officials and users. This attack on European Space Agency clearly falls under the criminal activity category. Hacker Group is Justifying the action as “it… Read More »

Top Programming Languages That Generate Most Vulnerable Software application

As per recent research done by researchers on top programming languages and frameworks like WordPress and Drupal, They find out that the root cause is their scripting language PHP. Software security firm Veracode has analyzed 208,670 applications in the past two years and released the results for languages that spawn most software bugs.   The study methodology… Read More »

Data Breach in Chinese educational toy manufacturer VTech – 5 Million Data Leaked

Chinese educational toy manufacturer VTech reported data leaked on its system happened in last week. According to the press release by Vtech, near to 5 million data has been leaked which contains Names Date of birth Email addresses Mailing addresses Secret questions and answers IP addresses download histories Basically the portal is storing information of parents… Read More »

TalkTalk: 3rd Suspect Arrested, Details of Near 1.2 Million Users Accessed by Hackers

The statement has been published from the largest telecom company TalkTalk about what data accessed and how many customers may get affected due to this attack. According to investigation the hackers were able to expose the website only,not the core system. Due to this the amount of data exposed is smaller than initially believed. Statement… Read More »