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Critical Flaw Reported on PHPMailer – Remote Code Execution

An independent research uncovered a critical vulnerability in PHPMailer that could potentially be used by (unauthenticated) remote attackers to achieve remote arbitrary code execution in the context of the web server user and remotely compromise the target web application. Millions of PHP websites and popular open source web applications, including WordPress, Drupal, 1CRM, SugarCRM, Yii,… Read More »

Critical Remote Code Execution Flaw Patched in glibc Library

Researchers have discovered a critical vulnerability in the GNU C Library (glibc). glibc, the GNU Project’s implementation of the standard library for the C programming language, is a library used in GNU, Linux and other systems that use Linux as the kernel. It is a key component of most Linux distributions, that leaves nearly all Linux… Read More »

16000 Active Attacks On Vulnerable Joomla Servers

Most commonly used framework recently reported a zero day vulnerability Remote Code Execution into content management system (CMS) of Joomla. This vulnerability affects all versions of Joomla! prior to 3.4.6, and while updating the CMS to the latest version will patch the bug. According to Symantec There are still many of un-patched targets are there and Symantec has observed… Read More »

Researcher Reported Critical Issues in Instagram

Wesley Wineberg, Security researcher at Synack who earned a significant bug bounty from Microsoft for reporting a serious authentication flaw in Live.com, started analysing Instagram after a friend of his pointed him to a potentially vulnerable server located at sensu.instagram.com. Now Wineberg claims that he is being threatened by Facebook after he responsibly disclosed a series of vulnerabilities and… Read More »