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Pirate Bay hit by malvertising attack – drops Cerber ransomware

Popular torrent site “The Pirate Bay” , recently struck with a massive Malvertising attack. In this campaign when users were accessing this torrent site, they were redirected to landing pages for the Magnitude exploit kit, where they were infected with the notorious Cerber ransomware. This is part of the same Magnitude EK malvertising campaigns we have documented… Read More »

Businesses pay $100,000 to DDoS Ransomware

  In less than two months, online businesses have paid more than $100,000 to scammers who set up a fake distributed denial-of-service gang that has yet to launch a single attack. The charlatans sent businesses around the globe extortion e-mails, through it they are threatening for DDoS attacks unless the recipients paid as much as $23,000… Read More »

Bank Hacking Malware Discovered – Leaves 11,000 Global Financial Institutions on High Alert

Recently we have seen continuous attacks on Bangladeshi Banks, On Saturday Hackers Stolen $80 Million From Bangladeshi Central Bank . According to the security researchers at British defence contractor BAE Systems Over ten thousand banks and financial institutions are being urged to remain vigilant after the secure Swift (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) system – used to… Read More »

Hackers Stolen $80 Million From Bangladeshi Central Bank

Hackers stolen $80 Million from Bangladesh’s central bank. According to the security investigator Bangladesh’s central bank was vulnerable to hackers because it did not have a firewall and used second-hand, $10 switches to network computers connected to the SWIFT global payment network. The shortcomings made it easier for hackers to break into the system earlier… Read More »

Critical Issue Reported in SSLv2- 11 Million OpenSSL Websites on Risk

A new critical security vulnerability has been discovered in OpenSSL by security researchers. It affects more than 11 Million modern websites and e-mail services protected by an ancient, long deprecated transport layer security protocol, Secure Sockets Layer (SSLv2). What can the attackers gain? Any communication between users and the server. This typically includes, but is not… Read More »

Critical Design Flaw Reported in ASUS Routers for Remote Attacks

After making target of home routers as reported in last week, a security researcher reported that some SOHO routers from ASUS can be accessed from the Internet even if the WAN access feature is disabled. Security researcher David Longenecker noticed in last month that ASUS routers running on ASUSWRT firmware (models with RT- in their name) can be… Read More »

HSBC-UK Recovers from Massive DDoS Attack

The online banking system of Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) UK was hit by a series of DDoS attacks Friday morning, affecting the servers on one of the most important days that is the payday. HSBC’s social media team on Twitter acknowledged that their website and mobile banking servers were under DDoS attack but claimed that… Read More »

Critical Flaw Patched in Cisco Firewall Devices

Cisco patched a critical flaw reported by an anonymous researcher. They have released a firmware update for its RV220W wireless network security firewall, Using this vulnerability hacker can gain administrative previleage to the device. What was the vulnerability A remote unauthenticated attacker can send specially crafted HTTP requests containing malicious SQL statements to the device… Read More »

Fortinet Firewalls – Hardcoded Password Backdoor Leaked

Nowadays many big organisations are using Fortinet Firewalls. An anonymous security researcher has discovered highly suspicious code in FortiOS firewall from enterprise security vendor Fortinet. Last month some security researchers reported security issues in Juniper firewalls. According to the security researcher this security hole affecting older versions of Fortinet’s FortiOS operating system which allows attackers to gain… Read More »

Turkish Internet Servers Faced Huge DDoS Attack

Turkish Internet servers faced a powerful cyber attack,which slowing banking services and fanning fears that it could be a politically motivated attack from abroad. According a non-governmental organisation who administers  “tr” domain websites,  the attack appeared to be from “organised sources” outside Turkey. The domain is used by websites belonging to Turkish ministries, commercial enterprises and banks. Transport… Read More »