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Secret Voice Commands in YouTube Videos Could Hijack Your Smartphone

Security researchers disclosed a critical security flaw in Youtube Videos, by using this critical flaw hackers can take control of your smartphone using its built-in voice recognition software. By burying mangled voice commands within YouTube videos, a team of university professors in the US found that they could instruct a nearby device to carry out potentially harmful… Read More »

Most Android Devices vulnerable to Accessibility Clickjacking Attacks

Security researchers from Skycure disclosed a critical vulnerability clickjacking attack in Android’s Accessibility feature. According to them more than 500 Million devices are vulnerable to this security flaw. The accessibility features offered by the Android operating system is useful for people with impaired vision, hearing or motor skills. However, the Accessibility Service has also been… Read More »

New Android Malware Reported Can Erase and Root Your Device

Security researchers reported a new malware, it has the capability to gain root access on your smartphone and completely erase your phone’s storage. According to researchers Dubbed Mazar BOT, the serious malware program is loaded with so many hidden capabilities. Security researchers are calling it a dangerous malware that can turn your smartphone into a zombie… Read More »

Android Phone can be Hacked Using Chrome Vulnerability

Google is always working to secure its OS by security vulnerabilities, but day by day it is being difficult. Chinese researcher Guang Gong from Qihoo 360 demonstrated at MobilePwn2Own at the PacSec conference in Tokyo how an Android device running the latest version of the operating system can be hijacked by exploiting a JavaScript v8 vulnerability through the Chrome… Read More »

New Trojan has Discovered Affecting Near 20k Android Applications

Nowadays Hackers are doing so much efforts to get access or in giving trouble to the mobile customers. As per researchers there are near to 20000 applications are available in Google Play Store which are having a hidden Trojan which is doing device rooting to get access the users data. Researchers from mobile security firm Lookout have come… Read More »

Baidu’s Android SDK is Having Hidden Backdoor

Commonly used search engine in China, “Baidu” is offering hidden Backdoor vulnerability with its android SDK. The Baidu’s SDK Moplus is publicly not available, But still the users are able to install it. Researchers fro TrendMicro reported Wormhole vulnerability into Baidu’s Moplus SDK. Due to this issue hackers are able to launch insecure http connections on the affected… Read More »