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“Font Wasn’t Found” Google Chrome Malware Scam

It’s a Trap! Users are getting a message to download a missing font to read the blog by updating the Chrome font pack…Just Don’t Download and Install It. It’s a Trap! Hackers and Scammers are targeting Google Chrome users with this hacking scam that’s incredibly easy to fall for, it is asking all users to… Read More »

Magento Stores – Self-Healing Malware Hitting

A new malware has discovered by security researchers  , It is targeting mostly on Magento stores, with capability of self-healing to restore itself after deletion. Self-healing malware isn’t new, with the first such threat reportedly spotted nearly three decades ago, as the memory-residing Trojan called Yankee Doodle, which could infect .com and .exe files. Discovered in September 1989,… Read More »

Malware Attack : Pokemon Go fake Android App Automatically Clicks on Porn Ads

Cybercriminals are making target to mobile users using a new malware. They have created a new fake application for Pokemon Go. It is a Android lock screen malware, posing as a fake app for the popular mobile game, has been uncovered. According to IT security company ESET The application lures victims into installing it onto their… Read More »

New Backdoor Allows Full Access to Mac Systems – Bitdefender Security

Security researchers team from Bitdefender has discovered a new critical malware affecting Mac OS X machines that grants attackers full remote access to the computer, as well as stealing data and hijacking the user’s webcam. They have published a detailed report for the explanation, how it works with apple systems. Researchers team from Bitdefender reported Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor within a malicious… Read More »

Malware Attack On Facebook, It Affects 10,000 Users

According to the security researcher team of Kaspersky Lab, A malware attack is targeting Facebook users, which affected around 10,000 users in just two days. Between 24 and 27 June, thousands of Facebook users received messages from a “friend”, claiming to have mentioned them on Facebook. The message was in reality, issued by hackers to launch… Read More »

WhatsApp Gold: DON’T Be Fool For New Malware

According to the security researchers, fraudsters are making target for a new malware by inviting for  WhatsApp Gold version. If you have received a WhatsApp message inviting you to an exclusive upgrade to its premium “WhatsApp Gold” version, don’t be fooled there is no any WhatsApp Gold exist – instead you’ll fall into fraudsters’ hands and could install data-stealing… Read More »

Malware Attack – Second Bank Hit by Malware Attack as Bangladesh $81m cyberheist

Global Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) warned on Thursday of a second malware attack similar to the Bangladesh central bank hack one that led to $81 million cyber heist. SWIFT has not disclosed which commercial bank it was or whether it had lost money, but cyber-security firm BAE Systems said a Vietnamese bank, which… Read More »

Botnet JAKU Targets Scientists, Engineers and Academics

According to security researcher team from Forcepoint Security Labs, A Cyberattack campaign named as JAKU botnet is infecting victims across the globe, it is trying to track the actions of specially selected targets in sectors ranging from government to engineering. It is different from other botnets because its victims’ list comprises of specific people like mostly the… Read More »

Pirate Bay is Getting Blocked By Browsers – Termed as Deceptive Website

Most commonly used torrent website Pirate Bay are getting blocked by all popular internet browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. When users are opening Pirate Bay website, a malware warning seems to be appearing when users try to access the site similar to the one that appeared for Kickass Torrents last month as well as earlier in… Read More »

Malware Attack – 12 Million Duped into Downloading Malware that Steals Your Information

If you are downloading softwares from untrusted sources, than this news is for you. Generally we are downloading softwares without thinking about where it’s from or which company has created it, we are directly downloading them and installing on our system. There’s a dangerous malware attack going on right now it has already tricked 12… Read More »