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Hackers Demonstration for SQL Injection – In-Flight Entertainment System Can Hacked

Hackers demonstrate SQL injection vulnerability in a in-flight entertainment system. It is being used by the leading airlines, including Emirates, United, American Airlines, Virgin, and Qatar, could let hackers hijack several flight systems and even take control of the plane. Security researchers explained in IOActive, the security vulnerabilities resides in the Panasonic Avionics In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system used… Read More »

Facebook’s Bug – Hackers Can Delete Any Video From Facebook Comments

Indian security researcher, Pranav Hivarekar reported critical security flaw on Facebook’s new video comment feature. Using this flaw Hivarekar  was able to delete any video of his choice by abusing this logic flaw. He reported the flaw to Facebook and they immediately fixed the flaw. Facebook recently launched it’s new feature, now users can post a video… Read More »

UBER Hacked – Uber Promo-Codes Available For Free Rides

An Independent Security Researcher and Information Security Consultant Mohamed M.Fouad  based from Egypt has discovered a critical vulnerability in Uber app. In this vulnerability attacker can user brute force attack to get valid promo codes with the high amount of up to $25,000 for more than one free rides. The “promo codes brute-force attack” vulnerability is discovered… Read More »

Leaked Password Attack Has Been Used to Hack GitHub Accounts

Most common and Popular code repository website GitHub has warned that attackers is trying the leaked passwords to get account access. According to the statement given by GitHub, Some user accounts may have been compromised by hackers using account details from other recent data breaches in order to guess user credentials from the site. GitHub informed to its users… Read More »

Teen hacker Arrested For Hacking Nearly 4,000 Websites

South Korea based a teenage hacker has been arrested for defacing nearly 4,000 websites. All websites were hosted across 87 separate countries, he did it for a bid to prove his hacking skills to the Anonymous collective. According to Koreatimes The student, 16, whose identity was withheld, was charged with hacking a total of 3,847 websites… Read More »

Massive Data Breach – 45 Million Records Stolen by Hackers

Hackers have stolen around 45 million accounts data from VerticalScope. It is a Canadian media company that runs over 1,100 support forums and community websites on home, tech and sports. It put millions of data on risk. According to LeakedSource Verticalscope.com and all of their domains were hacked in February of 2016 but it is… Read More »

AT&T Reveals – Facing Cosntant 200,000 Malware Attacks Everyday

United States based one of the largest ISP (Internet Service Provider) AT&T  has revealed that their networks are constantly under attack from malicious entities. They are attempting to breach its security to get access. AT&T Security Solutions Vice President Jason Porter said in a company blog post: Incident response is a core part of AT&T’s… Read More »

Is Twitter hacked? Over 32 Million Twitter Passwords Leaked on Dark Web

In the series of Data Breach  at social media platforms after Myspace, Tumblr and LinkedIn. It appears that Twitter users could be the latest victims of hacking when an unknown Russian hacker published the 32 million credentials data dumps for sale on the underground black marketplace. Login credentials of more than 32 Million Twitter users are now being sold… Read More »

Facebook Messenger Security flaw : Hackers Can Modify & Delete Chats

Security researchers have disclosed a critical vulnerability in Facebook Messenger, It can give hackers the ability to modify or remove chats, photos, files or links and even conduct malware campaigns. According to cybersecurity firm Checkpoint, Facebook messenger for both desktop and mobile applications impacted with this flaw. If you are having little knowledge of code than you can launch… Read More »

GhostShell has Leaked 36 Million User Accounts From 110 Connected Servers

Twenty four year Romanian hacker GhostShell has leaked around 36 million user accounts and personal information. The hacker reportedly downloaded a collection of databases from numerous connected servers. The leaked personal information contains Full names Email address Date of Birth Usernames Passwords Gender Geolocations Social media information Browser data. Many of the passwords were hashed and salted, but… Read More »