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WordPress Fixes CSRF, XSS Bugs and Announced a Bug Bounty Program

WordPress has requested its webmasters to update their applications to the latest version of its content management system (CMS) to mitigate several issues, including a pair of cross-site scripting (XSS) bugs and a cross-site request forgery (CSRF) bug that’s existed for 10 months. The latest version for WordPress 4.7.5, was released on Tuesday. If users have have… Read More »

Critical Flaw Reported on PHPMailer – Remote Code Execution

An independent research uncovered a critical vulnerability in PHPMailer that could potentially be used by (unauthenticated) remote attackers to achieve remote arbitrary code execution in the context of the web server user and remotely compromise the target web application. Millions of PHP websites and popular open source web applications, including WordPress, Drupal, 1CRM, SugarCRM, Yii,… Read More »

Secret Backdoor Found on Facebook Server

Facebook security team recently found a hidden backdoor on its server. According to to the security team probably a blackhat hacker with malicious intent, has breached into its server and installed a backdoor that was configured to steal Facebook employees’ login credentials. Security Team told that The backdoor is found on Facebook’s corporate server not on… Read More »

Security Researcher Got $13,000 for Authentication Flaw – Microsoft

Security researcher discovered “Authentication Flaw” by UK-based security consultant Jack Whitton. Previously he has taken part in the bug bounty programs of several major companies which includes Uber’s recently launched bug bounty program. The issue was reported to Microsoft on January 24 and it was patched within two days. According to the Whitton This was a… Read More »

Server Hack Happened, vBulletin Asked to Resets Passwords

Last week vBulletin informed its users that all passwords had been reset after one of the vBulletin Germany servers was accessed by an unauthorized party. According to vBulletin developer Paul Marsden They have done All passwords reset because hackers breached the vBulletin Germany (VBG) server. They could have gained access to other vBulletin systems as… Read More »

Data Breach Happened – Reveals Expat Details in Thailand

One more data breach happened, This time in Thailand. Personal details of thousands of foreign nationals living in southern Thailand were leaked online. Website’s developer confirmed, Monday was a data breach during a test for police. According to the Website developer The leak comes as the junta-ruled nation pushes ahead with a much publicised crackdown… Read More »

Anonymous is Planning To Take Down Donald Trump’s Website – #OpTrump

According to the reports, Anonymous declared an open war on Donald Trump. They are encouraging the hackers from all around the world to participate in the planned DDoS attacks. Starting this ‘total war’ against the Republican Presidential candidate, the hacktivist group has released an extensive amount of personal information about Donald Trump. Hackvist group disclosed below… Read More »

Video – How Hacker Installs a Credit Card Skimmer

Nowadays every government is forcing its citizens to do card and online transactions. Due to this Hackers are thinking more about into this field. Today we will show you a real time example of “Credit Card Skimmer”, How hackers are converting credit card machine into Skimmer. What is Skimmer Turning a regular credit card reader into… Read More »

Bangladesh Account Hack Attempt – Typos Thwart $1 Billion

Banks are on target for Hackers,This time itsBangladesh’s foreign exchange. According to reports hackers stole $81 million from Bangladesh’s foreign exchange account on February 5, according to officials from Bangladesh Bank, the central bank, and transferred it to the Philippines and Sri Lanka. According to Razee Hassan, deputy governor of Bangladesh Bank $81 million was… Read More »

Password Reset Flaw in Facebook, Researcher Earned $15,000

India based security researcher says he has earned $15,000 for informing Facebook of a vulnerability that could have been exploited to reset the password of any user account. India-based bug bounty hunter Anand Prakash discovered that he could change user account passwords due to a brute-force vulnerability in beta.facebook.com, the Beta Tier domain which gets… Read More »