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Android Malware Infects Router Via DNS Hijacking

Security researchers have disclosed a new Android Malware, It uses victims’ devices to infect WiFi routers and funnel any users of the network to malicious sites. The malware doesn’t target users directly – instead its goal is to facilitate further attacks by turning victims into accomplices. Security Researchers at Kaspersky Lab, who discovered the malware and dubbed… Read More »

Hackers Demonstration for SQL Injection – In-Flight Entertainment System Can Hacked

Hackers demonstrate SQL injection vulnerability in a in-flight entertainment system. It is being used by the leading airlines, including Emirates, United, American Airlines, Virgin, and Qatar, could let hackers hijack several flight systems and even take control of the plane. Security researchers explained in IOActive, the security vulnerabilities resides in the Panasonic Avionics In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system used… Read More »

Multi-Purpose Ransomware Doing DDoS Attacks

Till now we have seen ransomeware were encrypting computer’s data and asking for a good amount of money to decrypt the data. According to security researchers, Now the trend is going on some other path. According to the security researcher team They have found a ransomware variant that not only holds the victim’s machine and data hostage… Read More »

Anonymous is Planning To Take Down Donald Trump’s Website – #OpTrump

According to the reports, Anonymous declared an open war on Donald Trump. They are encouraging the hackers from all around the world to participate in the planned DDoS attacks. Starting this ‘total war’ against the Republican Presidential candidate, the hacktivist group has released an extensive amount of personal information about Donald Trump. Hackvist group disclosed below… Read More »