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Massive Ransomware Attack Hits Several Computers in 99 Countries

Security researchers found a ransomware called “WannaCry” or “Wanna Decryptor” is a type of ransomware which spreads from machine to machine silently and remains invisible to users until it unveils itself, Which then warns users that all their files have been encrypted with a key known only to the attacker and that they will belocked… Read More »

LinkedIn Hacked ?? – Hacker Selling 117 Million LinkedIn Emails and Passwords

A hacker names as “Peace” is attempting to sell 117 Million LinkedIn Emails and Passwords on Dark Web. LinkedIn.com was hacked in June 2012 and a copy of data for 6.5 million accounts has been obtained by LeakedSource which contained emails and passwords. LinkedIn never clarified how many users were affected by that breach. Now… Read More »

HTTPS Everywhere Initiative – Google Switches on HTTPS for All Blogspot Domains

Nowadays we can see so many data breaches are happening, Hackers are trying to get personal informations from different sources. According to the new HTTPS Everywhere initiative Google is going to provide an extra layer of defense to its blogspot domains. First trial was launched in last September, the change means everyone can now access a blogspot page… Read More »

HTTPS Everywhere: Encryption for All WordPress.com Sites

WordPress is announced a new project Let’s Encrypt, it will provide a free HTTPS to every blog and website that belongs to them in an effort to make the Web more secure. According to the statement given on wordpress blog Today we are excited to announce free HTTPS for all custom domains hosted on WordPress.com. This brings… Read More »

WhatsApp Implemented “Full End-To-End Encryption”

The most popular messaging app took a new step to secure the data for its users. WhatsApp said Tuesday They have implemented “full end-to-end encryption,” a move which steps up privacy but may lead to conflicts with law enforcement agencies. According to a blog post they said WhatsApp has always prioritized making your data and… Read More »

Judge Ordered Apple to Help FBI Hack San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone

The US Magistrate Judge “Sheri Pym” has ordered Apple to provide a reasonable technical assistance in solving a critical case of Syed Farook. In early December 2015, U.S. citizen Syed Rizwan Farook and his Pakistani wife Tashfeen Malik stormed an event at Farook’s workplace and shot 14 people dead. The couple were killed in a shootout… Read More »

Open Source Based New Ransomware Spotted

Recent days Ransomware has become a highly rewarding business for cybercriminals, Now they are taking interested in building their own malware. For this they are adopting open-source code and Malwares. One more ransomware is spotted by security researchers. Magic ransomware based on open-source code has been spotted in the wild recently, they encrypt user files and ads a… Read More »