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SMTP Strict Transport Security Coming Soon to GMAIL and Other WEBMAIL Providers

Gmail users can expect the introduction of SMTP Strict Transport Security to the email service some time this year, bringing a measure of security similar to certificate pinning to one of the world’s biggest webmail services. Head of Google’s anti-abuse research team: Elie Bursztein, said at RSA Conference that SMTP STS will be a major… Read More »

Pakisatni Hacking Group Sends Phishing Emails to Indian Govt Officials

US cybersecurity firm FireEye Labs observed that a suspected Pakistan-based APT group sending spear phishing emails to Indian government officials. This threat actor has been active for several years and conducting suspected intelligence collection operations against South Asian political and military targets. According to FireEye Labs The hacker group has deployed spear-phishing emails in efforts… Read More »

Finance Department Employees Targeted With Remote Access Trojans

Attackers are targeting small businesses in different countries which includes India, UK and US. They have been spreading two different types of Trojans Backdoor.Breut and Trojan.Nancrat. Both the Trojans are publicly available with their multi-purpose capabilities. Using these capabilities attackers can gain a huge amount of control of victim computers. The attackers have been targeting employees… Read More »