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Acer Online Store Hacked – Customers’ Private Data Exposed

Acer Online Store has revealed that its US online storeAcer.com has suffered a data breach. It could have affect every customer who accessed the website over the past 12 months between12 May 2015 and 28 April 2016.. Acer has sent a notification letter by informing all users of its US online store that their personal data might… Read More »

iMesh.com hacked: 51 Million User Records for sale on dark web

After a serial data breach at LinkedIn and Myspace, a hacker is selling a massive cache of 51 million user credentials purporting to be from the now-defunct iMesh.com – once the third-largest peer-to-peer file sharing website in the US. The hacker, under the pseudonym Peace has listed dataset containing 51,310,759 records for 0.5 bitcoin  on… Read More »

Anonymous Hacker Claims to Leak Millions of Data For Turkish Citizens

A hacker from Anonymous hacker group has claimed to leak Millions of Sensitive Data For Turkish Citizens. The data leak happened for a hospital “more than 10 million” Turkish citizens in retaliation for recent ransomware attacks against healthcare facilities in the US. Hacker posted video on  Youtube (Later it was removed)  claimed to have data leak for multiple servers in numerous… Read More »

HackingUpdate – Data Leaked For Hacking Forum Nulled.io

This time hackers target was a well known underground hacking forum Nulled.io. Hackers exposed data around 500,000 members, who used the website to expedite the selling and sharing of compromised passwords and stolen credentials. Hackers leaked around 1.3 GB tar archive file online, which contains Username IP Address Email addresses Private messages Passwords What is Nulled.io… Read More »

Millions of Email Passwords Were not Hacked – Mail.ru

Nowadays we can see the Data Breaches have been increased , it is becoming one of the most popular cyber crime. Data Breach is directly affecting individuals and businesses these days. On 4 May, one reports emerged that 272 million email logins has been hacked and hackers put them on sale on the dark web. However, a Russian… Read More »

Qatar National Bank Hacked: 1.4GB Internal Documents Leaked

Recent days we have seen hackers are making target to Banks, in last days data breach was reported in Bangladeshi Central Bank. According to the reports, 1.4GB internal documents, files and sensitive financial data from Qatar National Bank (QNB) has been leaked online. The data contains Personal Identification Number Credit Card Data Customer Transaction Data Additionally dozens… Read More »

Data Breach Happened – Reveals Expat Details in Thailand

One more data breach happened, This time in Thailand. Personal details of thousands of foreign nationals living in southern Thailand were leaked online. Website’s developer confirmed, Monday was a data breach during a test for police. According to the Website developer The leak comes as the junta-ruled nation pushes ahead with a much publicised crackdown… Read More »