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Massive Ransomware Attack Hits Several Computers in 99 Countries

Security researchers found a ransomware called “WannaCry” or “Wanna Decryptor” is a type of ransomware which spreads from machine to machine silently and remains invisible to users until it unveils itself, Which then warns users that all their files have been encrypted with a key known only to the attacker and that they will belocked… Read More »

iMesh.com hacked: 51 Million User Records for sale on dark web

After a serial data breach at LinkedIn and Myspace, a hacker is selling a massive cache of 51 million user credentials purporting to be from the now-defunct iMesh.com – once the third-largest peer-to-peer file sharing website in the US. The hacker, under the pseudonym Peace has listed dataset containing 51,310,759 records for 0.5 bitcoin  on… Read More »

Russian Ransomware Making $90,000 Per Year

According to security researchers, Ransomware campaigns is becoming an increasingly lucrative business for cybercriminals on the Dark Web. Fraudsters are Holding victim’s data for money through ransomware campaigns. According to a report by cybersecurity intelligence firm Flashpoint, in recent days ransomeware have been increased. In the report, Following a five-month study of an organised ransomware operation… Read More »