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Philippines Bank Hacked by SWIFT Hackers nicknamed as ‘Lazarus’

Hackers targeting the international banking system have claimed a fourth victim: a bank in the Philippines. Symantec has found evidence that a bank in the Philippines has also been attacked by the group that stole US$81 million from the Bangladesh central bank and attempted to steal over $1 million from the Tien Phong Bank in… Read More »

New Security Plan For Swift After Recent Cyberheists

The global financial communication service (Swift) has said that they are thinking to launch a new security programme, which will enable itself and its customers to better defend themselves against cyberattacks. The move comes after recent Hacking Attack happened on Banking industry, the most prominent of which is the Bangladesh Bank hack. Five point security plan According… Read More »

Sri Lanka-based Commercial Bank of Ceylon Hacked

In last couple of months Hackers are making target to banking system to get access customer data and to steal the money. Last week UAE based Invest Bank hacked and Qatar based Bank hacked by hackers, They made customer’s data online. This time Sri Lanka-based Commercial Bank of Ceylon has reported a massive hacking attack, they have released… Read More »

Malware Attack – Second Bank Hit by Malware Attack as Bangladesh $81m cyberheist

Global Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) warned on Thursday of a second malware attack similar to the Bangladesh central bank hack one that led to $81 million cyber heist. SWIFT has not disclosed which commercial bank it was or whether it had lost money, but cyber-security firm BAE Systems said a Vietnamese bank, which… Read More »

Why Anonymous is Attacking World Banks and Who is The Next Target

Recently we have seen Anonymous Hacking Group’s campaign #Oplcarus, in this campaign Hacktivist group is making target Financial institutions and  world banks. But the question is there, why hackers are attacking banks, who’s behind it and what do they hope to achieve? Why are hackers taking down banks? A hacker going by the name of ‘s1ege‘, who… Read More »

Hackers Behind Qatar National Bank Set to Leak Data From ‘Another Big Bank’

Couple of days back, malicious activity was reported on Qatar National Bank (QNB). 1.4GB internal documents, files and sensitive financial data from Qatar National Bank (QNB) was leaked online. The data contains Personal Identification Number Credit Card Data Customer Transaction Data According to Kaspersky Lab security researcher Mohammad Amin Hasbini The hackers behind the Qatar National Bank (QNB) data breach,… Read More »

Bangladesh Account Hack Attempt – Typos Thwart $1 Billion

Banks are on target for Hackers,This time itsBangladesh’s foreign exchange. According to reports hackers stole $81 million from Bangladesh’s foreign exchange account on February 5, according to officials from Bangladesh Bank, the central bank, and transferred it to the Philippines and Sri Lanka. According to Razee Hassan, deputy governor of Bangladesh Bank $81 million was… Read More »