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New Backdoor Allows Full Access to Mac Systems – Bitdefender Security

Security researchers team from Bitdefender has discovered a new critical malware affecting Mac OS X machines that grants attackers full remote access to the computer, as well as stealing data and hijacking the user’s webcam. They have published a detailed report for the explanation, how it works with apple systems. Researchers team from Bitdefender reported Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor within a malicious… Read More »

Finance Department Employees Targeted With Remote Access Trojans

Attackers are targeting small businesses in different countries which includes India, UK and US. They have been spreading two different types of Trojans Backdoor.Breut and Trojan.Nancrat. Both the Trojans are publicly available with their multi-purpose capabilities. Using these capabilities attackers can gain a huge amount of control of victim computers. The attackers have been targeting employees… Read More »

Fortinet Firewalls – Hardcoded Password Backdoor Leaked

Nowadays many big organisations are using Fortinet Firewalls. An anonymous security researcher has discovered highly suspicious code in FortiOS firewall from enterprise security vendor Fortinet. Last month some security researchers reported security issues in Juniper firewalls. According to the security researcher this security hole affecting older versions of Fortinet’s FortiOS operating system which allows attackers to gain… Read More »

Juniper Firewall Reported Hidden Backdoor in ScreenOS

Most commonly used network Firewall Device company Juniper Networks has announced that they have discovered  an unauthorised code in ScreenOS that could allow a knowledgeable attacker to gain administrative access to NetScreen devices and to decrypt VPN connections. According to Juniper Networks statement During a recent internal code review, Juniper discovered unauthorized code in ScreenOS that could allow a knowledgeable attacker… Read More »