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Teen hacker Arrested For Hacking Nearly 4,000 Websites

South Korea based a teenage hacker has been arrested for defacing nearly 4,000 websites. All websites were hosted across 87 separate countries, he did it for a bid to prove his hacking skills to the Anonymous collective. According to Koreatimes The student, 16, whose identity was withheld, was charged with hacking a total of 3,847 websites… Read More »

Hacker Claimed to Leak Personal Data of 5,400 Spanish Police

One Hacker claimed to be affiliated with the Anonymous hacking group has released a data dump which contains personal details of more than 5,000 Spanish police officers. The leaked data contains Full names Email addresses National ID numbers hashed passwords. Hacker released a statement in that he mentioned that The leak was orchestrated in response to the… Read More »

Anonymous Hacker Claims to Leak Millions of Data For Turkish Citizens

A hacker from Anonymous hacker group has claimed to leak Millions of Sensitive Data For Turkish Citizens. The data leak happened for a hospital “more than 10 million” Turkish citizens in retaliation for recent ransomware attacks against healthcare facilities in the US. Hacker posted video on  Youtube (Later it was removed)  claimed to have data leak for multiple servers in numerous… Read More »

DDoS Attack – Teen Hacker Shut Down 444 School Websites

Nowadays Hackers are using DDoS Attack as a main tool to shutdown websites. Japan based teenager is charged with obstruction of justice for having launched DDoS attacks on 444 school websites.Japan cyber police in Osaka filed charges against a 16-year-old on 11th May, who allegedly shut down the Osaka Board of Education’s servers, which control the websites… Read More »