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DDoS Attack on Central Banks of South Korea and Indonesia By Hacktivists

DDoS attack reported on Central banks of Indonesia and South Korea. Banks reported bulk security attack and distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) disturbances linked to notorious hacking collective Anonymous. According to the statement of Ronald Waas, deputy governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) In response to the attempted hacks, Bank Indonesia (BI) has blocked 149 regions that don’t usually access its… Read More »

Why Anonymous is Attacking World Banks and Who is The Next Target

Recently we have seen Anonymous Hacking Group’s campaign #Oplcarus, in this campaign Hacktivist group is making target Financial institutions and  world banks. But the question is there, why hackers are attacking banks, who’s behind it and what do they hope to achieve? Why are hackers taking down banks? A hacker going by the name of ‘s1ege‘, who… Read More »

DDoS attack By Anonymous – KKK shuts down website once again

Anonymous Hacker group launched a full scale DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack on KKK (Ku Klux Klan), which effectively shut down the Klan’s official website. The Klan’s website was targeted in retaliation for the organisation’s “blunt racism”. This is not the first time that Anonymous-affiliated hackers have targeted the Klan in a digital attack.… Read More »

Anonymous is Planning To Take Down Donald Trump’s Website – #OpTrump

According to the reports, Anonymous declared an open war on Donald Trump. They are encouraging the hackers from all around the world to participate in the planned DDoS attacks. Starting this ‘total war’ against the Republican Presidential candidate, the hacktivist group has released an extensive amount of personal information about Donald Trump. Hackvist group disclosed below… Read More »