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Android Malware Infects Router Via DNS Hijacking

Security researchers have disclosed a new Android Malware, It uses victims’ devices to infect WiFi routers and funnel any users of the network to malicious sites. The malware doesn’t target users directly – instead its goal is to facilitate further attacks by turning victims into accomplices. Security Researchers at Kaspersky Lab, who discovered the malware and dubbed… Read More »

Fake ‘Google Chrome Update’ Malware Hits Android

Security research team from Zscaler technology  has reported new Android Infostealer malware which is capable of harvesting call logs, SMS data, browser history and banking information and sending them to a remote command and control server. According to the team The malware, which disguises itself as a Google Chrome update, also has the ability to go unseen by… Read More »

New Android Malware Reported Can Erase and Root Your Device

Security researchers reported a new malware, it has the capability to gain root access on your smartphone and completely erase your phone’s storage. According to researchers Dubbed Mazar BOT, the serious malware program is loaded with so many hidden capabilities. Security researchers are calling it a dangerous malware that can turn your smartphone into a zombie… Read More »