Critical Flaws Exposed on Symantec Products to Remote Attacks

Multiple critical security vulnerabilities have been discovered in a range of Symantec products by Google Project Zero researcher Tavis Ormandy, which includes major consumer of enterprise releases such as Norton Security, Endpoint Protection and legacy offerings such as Norton anti-virus. This bug is affecting Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. According to security researchers The flaws don’t… Read More »

Facebook’s Bug – Hackers Can Delete Any Video From Facebook Comments

Indian security researcher, Pranav Hivarekar reported critical security flaw on Facebook’s new video comment feature. Using this flaw Hivarekar  was able to delete any video of his choice by abusing this logic flaw. He reported the flaw to Facebook and they immediately fixed the flaw. Facebook recently launched it’s new feature, now users can post a video… Read More »

UBER Hacked – Uber Promo-Codes Available For Free Rides

An Independent Security Researcher and Information Security Consultant Mohamed M.Fouad  based from Egypt has discovered a critical vulnerability in Uber app. In this vulnerability attacker can user brute force attack to get valid promo codes with the high amount of up to $25,000 for more than one free rides. The “promo codes brute-force attack” vulnerability is discovered… Read More »

Data Leak : 154 Million US Voter Records Exposed Online

A security researcher working with MacKeeper exposed a database containing 154 million voter profiles for US citizens.  The database was available online without username or password protection, it has been revealed. The information, compiled by a US-based data brokerage firm called L2 that builds and sells profiles on US citizens, was left exposed online by a client and… Read More »

DDoS Attack on Central Banks of South Korea and Indonesia By Hacktivists

DDoS attack reported on Central banks of Indonesia and South Korea. Banks reported bulk security attack and distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) disturbances linked to notorious hacking collective Anonymous. According to the statement of Ronald Waas, deputy governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) In response to the attempted hacks, Bank Indonesia (BI) has blocked 149 regions that don’t usually access its… Read More »

Data Breach For T-Mobile : 1.5 Million Users Data for Sale

Czech Republic based mobile company T-Mobile has reported internal data breach, 1.5 Million users data stolen by it employee and he put the data on sale. Recently we have seen massive data breach happened for LinkedIn,, Tumblr by Russian hacker “Peace” But T-Mobile hack is insider breach. T-Mobile Czech Republic, a member of the international telecommunications group… Read More »

Hacking Attack on, Company Asked For Password Reset

Remote Access Software GoToMyPC faced hacking attack over the weekend. According to the GoToMyPC,  They have faced a “very sophisticated password attack”. Company is investigating the attack vectors, Still it is not revealed that how many users were affected in the hack, but has initiated password resets for all users. The company claimed that the attack was not… Read More »

Acer Online Store Hacked – Customers’ Private Data Exposed

Acer Online Store has revealed that its US online has suffered a data breach. It could have affect every customer who accessed the website over the past 12 months between12 May 2015 and 28 April 2016.. Acer has sent a notification letter by informing all users of its US online store that their personal data might… Read More »

Leaked Password Attack Has Been Used to Hack GitHub Accounts

Most common and Popular code repository website GitHub has warned that attackers is trying the leaked passwords to get account access. According to the statement given by GitHub, Some user accounts may have been compromised by hackers using account details from other recent data breaches in order to guess user credentials from the site. GitHub informed to its users… Read More »

Teen hacker Arrested For Hacking Nearly 4,000 Websites

South Korea based a teenage hacker has been arrested for defacing nearly 4,000 websites. All websites were hosted across 87 separate countries, he did it for a bid to prove his hacking skills to the Anonymous collective. According to Koreatimes The student, 16, whose identity was withheld, was charged with hacking a total of 3,847 websites… Read More »