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Kavita Soni is Senior Technical Writer in Hacknowledge Team. She is a Technology Enthusiast and good learner. Every time she is working hard to get full proof information about security updates.

Judge Ordered Apple to Help FBI Hack San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone

The US Magistrate Judge “Sheri Pym” has ordered Apple to provide a reasonable technical assistance in solving a critical case of Syed Farook. In early December 2015, U.S. citizen Syed Rizwan Farook and his Pakistani wife Tashfeen Malik stormed an event at Farook’s workplace and shot 14 people dead. The couple were killed in a shootout… Read More »

Critical Remote Code Execution Flaw Patched in glibc Library

Researchers have discovered a critical vulnerability in the GNU C Library (glibc). glibc, the GNU Project’s implementation of the standard library for the C programming language, is a library used in GNU, Linux and other systems that use Linux as the kernel. It is a key component of most Linux distributions, that leaves nearly all Linux… Read More »

Vigilante Hacker’s Next Target To Get Control Of 150,000 Home Routers

Vigilante Hackers are once again in the news, Previously also they took initiative as a White Hat Hacker to secure  home based routers. Last year they hacked more than 10,000 routers and reported flaw in the firmware to secure the routers. Nowadays their are so may home routers available with little to no security. Hackers can… Read More »

Oracle Provided Patchs for its Java Installer Vulnerability

  Oracle has released an emergency patch for Java Installer Vulnerability , reported by researchers. The vulnerability, identified by researcher Stefan Kanthak and tracked as CVE-2016-0603, is related to the fact that the Windows installers for Java 6, 7 and 8 load and execute several DLLs from their application directory, which is typically the “Downloads” folder.… Read More »

Bitcoin Lending Platform Hacked

Bitcoin’s crowd-lending platform known as Loanbase has been reported breached, They informed its customers on Sunday. Companies that trade Bitcoin have been increasingly targeted by malicious actors. Loanbase sent a security notice to its customers “Attackers exploited a vulnerability in the company’s WordPress blog over the weekend and gained access to a database containing user… Read More »

U.S. Police Union Documents Leaked

Hundreds of documents stolen from Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) systems. According to the reports, an individual claimed to leak the documents and more information. Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is the largest police union in the United States, representing more than 325,000 sworn law enforcement officers organised in 2,100 local chapters. The hacker  who breached… Read More »

Open Source Based New Ransomware Spotted

Recent days Ransomware has become a highly rewarding business for cybercriminals, Now they are taking interested in building their own malware. For this they are adopting open-source code and Malwares. One more ransomware is spotted by security researchers. Magic ransomware based on open-source code has been spotted in the wild recently, they encrypt user files and ads a… Read More »

Kali Linux – Rolling Edition Released With New Features For Ethical Hackers

Kali Linux is always most powerful tool for Ethical Hackers. It provide more than 600 penetration testing tools with different categories. Information Gathering Vulnerability Analysis Wireless Attacks Web Applications Now , January 21, 2016, marked an important milestone with the first public release of Kali Linux Rolling distribution after a long (5 Months) testing process. Kali Linux team announced… Read More »

Finance Department Employees Targeted With Remote Access Trojans

Attackers are targeting small businesses in different countries which includes India, UK and US. They have been spreading two different types of Trojans Backdoor.Breut and Trojan.Nancrat. Both the Trojans are publicly available with their multi-purpose capabilities. Using these capabilities attackers can gain a huge amount of control of victim computers. The attackers have been targeting employees… Read More »