Oculus CEO’s Twitter account Hacked , Announces Himself as CEO

By | July 1, 2016

Oculus CEO's Twitter Hacked

Facebook-owned virtual reality company Oculus CEO, Brendan Iribe‘s  twitters account hacked on Wednesday.

After Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, Twitter’s ex-CEO Dick Costolo, and Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg,Brendan Iribe has become latest victim in a long line of tech moguls who have had their social media accounts hacked over the past few weeks.

After Hacking of Iribe’s Twitter account, Hacker announced himself as the company’s new CEO saying:

“We here @Oculus are very excited to announce our CEO. @Lid ! :)”.


The hacker also changed Iribe’s cover photo and said he would only give the CEO his Twitter account back if he gets a free Oculus Rift.

Iribe’s Twitter account was reclaimed within a few hours and the hacker’s tweets have since been removed. The account for @Lid has also been suspended.

The hacker told TechCrunch that he was able to gain access to Iribe’s password through last month’s MySpace breach. He also claims that he could have gotten into the tech chief’s email account as well if he did not have two-factor authentication enabled.

One of the independent British researcher Thomas White has now made over 360 million passwords from 2013 MySpace data breach available on his website.He is also offering download links for over 167 Million credentials from 2012 LinkedIn data breach.

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