Malware Attack On Facebook, It Affects 10,000 Users

By | July 2, 2016

Malware Attack on Facebook

According to the security researcher team of Kaspersky Lab, A malware attack is targeting Facebook users, which affected around 10,000 users in just two days. Between 24 and 27 June, thousands of Facebook users received messages from a “friend”, claiming to have mentioned them on Facebook. The message was in reality, issued by hackers to launch a two-stage malware attack.

According to security researchers at Kaspersky Lab, It was affecting to Brazil, Poland, Peru, Columbia, Mexico, Ecuador, Greece, Portugal, Tunisia, Venezuela, Germany and Israel.

Malware Report

People using Windows-based computers to access Facebook were at the greatest risk, while those using Windows OS phones could possibly have been at some risk.  Users of Android and iOS mobile devices were immune since the malware used libraries which are not compatible with these mobile operating systems.

The Trojan downloader used by the attackers is not new.  It was reported on about a year ago, making use of a similar infection process.  In both the cases, language signs in the malware appear to point to Turkish-speaking threat actors.

Facebook has now mitigated this threat and is blocking techniques used to spread malware from infected computers. It says that it has not observed any further infection attempts.  Google has also removed at least one of the culprit extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

Consumers who think that they may have been infected should run a malware scan on their computer or open their Chrome browser and look for unexpected extensions.  If these are present they should log out of their Facebook account, close the browser and disconnect the network cable from their computer. Get a professional to check for and clean away the malware.

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