Hackers Behind Qatar National Bank Set to Leak Data From ‘Another Big Bank’

By | May 4, 2016

Qatar National Bank (QNB) Hacking

Couple of days back, malicious activity was reported on Qatar National Bank (QNB).

1.4GB internal documents, files and sensitive financial data from Qatar National Bank (QNB) was leaked online. The data contains

  1. Personal Identification Number
  2. Credit Card Data
  3. Customer Transaction Data

According to Kaspersky Lab security researcher Mohammad Amin Hasbini

The hackers behind the Qatar National Bank (QNB) data breach, which was involved in the leak of 1.4 GB of sensitive information, Now those are being threatened to leak more data from yet another bank.

Security researcher Mohammad Amin told to news

“They have announced that they are going to release data from another big bank dating back to 2001. This data could be used for ransomware. They have said they are going to make it public, either today or tomorrow.

Hackers have not asked for any money yet, but have only leaked the data online. It [QNB breach] could be a political motive but “we are not sure yet. It is strange, normally hackers do hack for a goal.” Hackers stole $101 million from Bangladesh’s central bank in February, and at least 40 million credit cards were compromised in a data breach at Target Corp in 2013.

Who is behind the Hack

The motive of the QNB hacking can’t be pinpointed at this stage. Although the bank has claimed it is an attack on its reputation, there could be a “financial angle” as these professional hackers are hired by someone with a motive, which could be from tarnishing someone’s reputation to making financial gains from personal data of customers. But at this stage, it is difficult to believe anyone hacking into a bank’s data system just for defaming the institution.

According to the reports

“The strangest part of the QNB incident is that the hackers reportedly had access to the bank’s data systems for a fairly long period — by some accounts about 200 days — and the bank’s security system could not detect it until they made off with 1.4GB of data, and worse, the bank came to know of it when some of the data was published.

SQL Injection attack was used to get the database records.It is the most common method for attacking websites which allows the hackers to complete disclosure of all data on the system, spoof identity (gaining an illegitimate advantage into the network by falsifying data), destroy the data or tamper with the existing data.

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Qatar National Bank Hacked: 1.4GB Internal Documents Leaked