Facebook is Moving to Open Source by its Capture The Flag Plateform

By | May 11, 2016

Facebook CTF

If you are having interest in Hacking Activity than you need to read this article carefully.   

If you will try to do any Hacking activity on others computer, networks and websites than it could easily land you in jail. But what if you could freely test and practice your hacking skills in a legally safe environment?

Facebook just open-sourced its Capture The Flag (CTF) platform to encourage students as well as developers to learn about cyber security and secure coding practices.

What is Capture The Flag ?

Facebook was identifying people with exceptional computer skills and exploitation techniques using this program. Through CTF developers can developers can develop secure programs that cannot be easily compromised.

Facebook is having its hosted Capture The Flag (CTF) since 2013, Now they are opening the platform to masses by releasing its source code on GitHub. Now users can download the code from GitHub and can test you hacking skills.

According to Facebook statement

By open sourcing our platform, schools, student groups, and organisations across all skill levels can now host competitions, practice sessions, and conferences of their own to teach computer science and security skills. We’re also releasing a small repository of challenges that can be used immediately upon request (to prevent cheating).

The current set of challenges include problems in reverse-engineering, forensics, web application security, cryptography, and binary exploitation. You can also build your own challenges to use with the Facebook platform for a customised competition.

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