Expose of Private data of Uber US Drivers through Slip

By | October 15, 2015

Uber is again in discussion for data privacy issue..

Near to 50000 Uber data was leaked earlier this year, the investigation is still in progress but again some Data Privacy issue is reported by its driver only.

Uber Official accepted that a bug is impacting the data of some of its US drivers. This issue was reported on Tuesday by its driver only. They fixed the issue immediately within an hour. They have given thanks to the Driver who reported it and apologize to those drivers whose information may have been affected.

Uber Official accepted that they will follow-up with the drivers whose data is exposed.

As per information near to 600+ drivers data is exposed including driving license, tax and Social Security data.

Uber also started new delivery services in three cities (New York, Chicago and San Francisco) of US. Service includes delivery of Flowers and Burritos.